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Together we can make a difference. Your contribution to our organization can go long way in the protection and conservation of the environment.

From 2016, the two English speaking regions of Cameroon have been involved in a socio-political crisis that led to the death of thousands of people. Over a million people flee their homes to seek refuge in other areas within Cameroon (internally displaced people) and some to neighboring countries (refugees). Over 95% of the internally displaced people (IDP) are farmers who left their livelihoods (farms) behind as they ran to safety. In order to make ends meet, many of them turned to daily menial jobs ranging from potters in the markets to laundry and cleaners in homes etc. As the Covid-19 pandemic stroke, once again, the livelihoods of this already vulnerable internally displaced people were taken away from them as markets were shut down and people no longer welcome ‘strangers’ into their homes for fear of contamination. These internally displaced people might soon be dying of hunger even before covid-19 gets to them.

In response, we have established a fund that seeks to feed internally displaced families both during and after the Covid-19 crisis. As an emergency response strategy, our Eco Food Bank Project collects and distributes food to such families. For the long run, the project runs a 1.25 hectare living food bank that grows crops in conjunction with trees and animals (forest garden) and then distributed to displaced families. We are taking advantage of the rich volcanic soils around Mt. Cameroon to multiply short cycled crops (3months) before distributing them.

All food items donated will be distributed to the families immediately.

With $5000, we set up living food bank as detailed:

With $1, we can plant 1 plantain that will be harvested in 9 months;

With $ 5.00, we plant 1 grafted/marcotted tree that bears fruits in half the time

We hope to support up to 100 families

Please, support us.
Find below our Bank information

BANK Name: Societe Commerciale De Banque Cameroun


IBAN: CM21 10002 000639000122843276


ACCOUNT NAME: Ecological Balance Cameroon

ACCOUNT #: 90001228432


BANK CONTACT: +237 233 43 54 00

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