Environmental NGO

Rebuilding Cameroon’s Forest Wealth, Tree by Tree

Together we can make a difference. Your contribution to our organization can go long way in the protection and conservation of the environment.

'Reconciling conservation to livelihoods'

Ecological Balance (Eco Balance) is an apolitical, not for profit, non-religious, civil society organization registered in Cameroon (Reg. No 660/G.37/D14/VOL III/SAAJP). It strives to give biodiversity-rich adjacent communities cultural, economic and social reasons and skills to preserve their adjacent ecosystems. For 2019 to 2022, we are looking at rebuilding Cameroon’s forest wealth, tree by tree.

Our Values

In synergy with donors and partners we are committed to achieve tangible sustainable impacts in all our projects. We uphold integrity and portray transparency in all our dealings.

Within the team we encourage an environment first mentality, good stewardship, dynamism and flexibility. We thrive in an environment of mutual respect amongst timely, resourceful and creative individuals.

For our beneficiaries, we envisage change from within & solidarity and we encourage them to pursue empowerment not aid.