Ecological Balance is an apolitical, non-religious and nonprofit making organization that uses the environment as a tool for social change. It seeks to reconcile conservation to local livelihoods.


Ecosystem conservation is most successful and sustainable if it is led by people living adjacent to it and if it contributes to their livelihoods.


We envision a world where every action is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable for present and future generations.


To empower local communities to independently undertake actions that ensure long term sustainability of their adjacent ecosystems.

Our Team

Limbi Blessing Tata

Limbi is the Executive Director of Eco Balance. She is a trained Botanist/Conservationist who has been working in the field of conservation for over 10 years. She ensures proper project execution & reporting, the management of human & financial resources, growth & expansion, M & E and the general health of the organization. She also heads the Eco Food Bank project that grows and donates food to needy families in response to Covid-19.
She is an award winning Obama Africa Leader and Global Media Forum Fellow and member of the Kanthari Network of Change Makers.

Njiafu Changoh Benardin

Eco Balance has a main objective to rebuild Cameroon’s forest wealth tree by tree. One of the ways of achieving this is by replanting wild, native forest. To this effect, we run a 20,000 capacity central and two back up tree nurseries (5000 each) of native species. Njiafu oversees the day to day running of these nurseries as well as reforestation activities. He is a Botanist/Agriculturist by training with over 5 years of experience in nurturing and growing plants. He is a lover of gospel music and football.

Hendreta Konjieh

Hendretta is a trained Environmentalist. Her skills in coordinating youth and women activities over the years come in handy as she leads the value chain development/women empowerment arm of Eco Balance. Our project Irvingia trains women to process non-timber forest and agricultural products into semi-finished and finished goods. The aim of which is to increase women’s (main gatherers) income from forest and agricultural products.

Agborkang Godfred Ebot

Eco Balance is committed to utilizing the skills of energetic and passionate young people in balancing conservation with livelihoods. Staff capacity building is thus one of the core activities of the organization. This arm of the organization is coordinated by Agborkang who though a trained Botanist has over 3 years in coordinating and managing young people.

Ngwani Bertina

Ngwani is a trained Educationists and she heads our SUGi Akademy (SUGi being the Japanese word for tree and ‘K’ in academy standing for fun-filled education). Through this initiative, we instill in children between the ages of 5-12 the skills required to grow forests (next generation of rewilders).

Reg. No: 660/G.37/D14/VOL III/SAAJP