About Us

About Us

Ecological Balance is an apolitical, non-religious and nonprofit making organization that uses the environment as a tool for social change. It seeks to reconcile conservation to local livelihoods.


Ecosystem conservation is most successful and sustainable if it is led by people living adjacent to it and if it contributes to their livelihoods.


We envision a world where every action is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable for present and future generations.


To empower local communities to independently undertake actions that ensure long term sustainability of their adjacent ecosystems.

Our Team

Limbi Blessing Tata

Limbi is the Executive Director of Ecological Balance Cameroon. She is a trained Botanist / Conservationist, forestpreneur, forestscape and Value Chain Expert. She manages Human & Financial resources, ensures proper project execution & reporting, ensures growth & expansion, M & E and the general health of the organization.
She is an award winning Obama Africa Leader and Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum Fellow.

Njiafu Changoh Benardin

Benardin is head of operations at Ecological Balance. He oversees the financial and human resource department, as well as carry out general supervision of the team. He is a trained Botanist, agriculturalist and silviculturalist with 7 years of experience in nurturing and growing of plants, from seed and other vegetative propagative techniques. He is an OMLA (One million Leader Africa) star of 2022.

Teboh George Mbah

George is a crop protectionist with complete skills in plant management, seed preparation and various plant propagation methods. He is purposed driven and detailed oriented with technical background in agriculture. Organized and filled with the ability to needs and implement effective service strategies. Proficient in the use of farm equipment and supply.

Kum Yanik

 Yanik is an Agricultural Engineer with over two years of experience in crop protection. He works in consultation with local farmers in some communities around mount Cameroon national park, in the field of regenerative agriculture and crop protection. He worked with a community organization, Voice of Nature, from November 2021 to April 2022. He also acquired some knowledge and skills at  Earth Guardians Cameroon since 2021, in the area of agriculture/sustainable community development and environmental conservation. Presently a climate smart agricultural project assistant. Experienced in enhancing agricultural communities on better methods of adopting organic and sustainable techniques on food security and livelihood through agribusiness.

Elakie Manfred Njie

Manfred is an experienced Communications Officer with more than four years of experience in Journalism and Mass Communications. Innovative and committed communications expert with a proven history of aiding and significantly improving the efficiency and success of numerous media entities. An individual who prioritises on teamwork in order to achieve the desired results in a quick and efficient manner. Familiar with all stages of editing, layout/design, and printings, hence, can train or educate employees as necessary

Hendreta Konjieh

Hendretta is a trained Environmentalist. Her skills in coordinating youth and women activities over the years come in handy as she leads the Irvingia Program. With all hands on deck, she is ensuring that commodity value chains are developed for non-timber forest and agricultural products. She also ensures the smooth running of the affairs of the Irvingia Cooperative Society .

Agborkang Godfred Ebot

Agborkang is a trained Botanist and an aspiring agricultural economist. With this aspiration and over 3 years’ experience in coordinating and managing young people, he leads the Climate Smart Agriculture Program that builds the capacity of farmers and also runs a living food bank project that donates food to the needy.

Aahan Kandoth

Aahan is a student who aspires to be involved in developmental economics in the future. He volunteers and aids with economic analysis and the management of the website and social media. He hopes to use his passion for economics and mathematics to lead economic development and positively impact less economically developed communities in the near future.

magalie karam

Magalie is an environmental engineering student at the Faculty of Agriculture with experience in beekeeping, agri-food, and more than 2 years in greenhouses and agriculture. She volunteers in the climate-smart agriculture program and seeks to build more sustainable farming practices in adapting to climate change.

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