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Ecobalance Staff Acquire Skills on Project Communication

Some staff of Ecological Balance have acquired skills on project communication that will assist them in giving visibility to the Organization and effectively communicating with partners and project stakeholders. This was during a 2-month training in Buea organized with the technical support of Voice of Nature.

According to the Executive Director of Ecological Balance, Ms. Limbi Blessing Tata, the organization of the training came from the understanding of the importance of communication in maintaining a cordial relationship with partners, and expanding the network of the Organization.

Haven gained fresh knowledge on impact reporting, information gathering & project article writing and basics on project photo taking, participants left the training determined to make a difference. “I have greatly improved on article writing, impact reporting and other aspects of project communication. This new knowledge will help me better communicate on any project I am attached to within the organization,” Njiafu Bernadine, one of the staff said.

Another staff, Hendreta Konjieh, expressed gratitude to Ecological Balance for “the opportunity given to us to acquire knowledge and the basic skills in article writing, photography and impact reporting. I now know how to gather information on the impact of the Organization, and how to produce a good impact article”.

It is thus, expected that each of the staff will use the skills gathered to contribute to the Organization’s mission of empowering local communities to independently undertake actions that ensure long term sustainability of their adjacent ecosystems.

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