“I Love Creating Nature Inspired Arts”

I am Seraphine-Destiny Lum Ngwa,  a student in Buea, Cameroon and 20 years old.  Growing up was not easy but I have d always found solace in nature. I use to spend hours at the stream near our house watching birds and sometimes fish. Then, everywhere was green; there were a lot of trees and the waters were sparkling. We could even bend on our knees and drink directly from the stream.  Today, everything is gone. The trees and stream exist only in my memory and I refuse to let go. Hence, I have decided to paint pictures of them.  I started painting when I was 18. I use these paintings to hide my fear as I struggle through life.

My desire is to create nature-inspired art pieces. I want to be a great Environmental Artist, having my own studio and running an art school. I think many people desire to paint but are just scared.

Destiny’s nature artwork

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