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Buea Ladies Confirm Cloth Pads as Better Alternative

After continuous sensitization of young girls and women via workshops and during the World Environment Day on cloth pads and its advantages to health, finance, moral and even the environment at large, some ladies within the Buea Municipality have confirmed that cloth pad is a better alternative to be used during menstruation.



Haven had the experience of also using the cloth pads as recommended by Ecological Balance, Lambi Sonia, disclosed recently that the difference with other menstrual pads is clear.  “Cloth pad is very comfortable and economical. It doesn’t pollute the environment nor smell because there is room for moisture to evaporate. The pad is highly hygienic and requires little water for cleaning,” she added.

Corroborating Ms. Lambi, another Buea-based lady, Anita Ngalla, hinted that “truly cloth pad is environmentally friendly and healthier than single-used pads. It is cheaper especially on the long run and could be readily available if trained local tailors engage in the production”.

The sustainable menstruation project of Ecological Balance geared towards engaging young girls and women in the use of environmentally friendly pads and to take responsibility for their menstrual waste was launched in February 2020 in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. The project is aimed at protecting the environment, salvaging young girls and women from spending much money on menstrual pads, and to demystify the shame around menstruation and revalue it because life depends on it. Besides sensitization, there is a capacity building arm of the project that  trains local seamstresses on cloth pads production, and  a social business arm that sells high quality cloth pads produced, and donates some to vulnerable young women and institutions.