Impact Stories

Impact Stories

Mrs. Nsai Commences Head Wear Business After Irvingia Training

After completing training with our Irvingia Project, Mrs. Nsai has started a head wear business. She produces and sells women’s head wears of all sizes and shapes. Her head wears sell from 2,500XAF ($4.3) to 10,000XAF ($17.1) depending on the material. She makes 50% profit from each and according to her, business is good. “I just got a command to make fascinators (a type of head wear) for a wedding for about 15 girls. I derive lots of satisfaction from making women beautiful and I cannot overlook the profit,” she said.

Mrs. Nsai produces beautiful head wears from raffia fibre (from forest) and recycled materials. She wants to undergo further training and then open up a shop. “Women should be financial contributors to their homes. I could not be more grateful,” said the proud mother of two.

Mrs. Nyaba Starts a Local Brewery Factory thanks to Irvingia Training

“Every Cameroonian woman out there should participate in every training workshop or seminar around her. One way of combating domestic violence is by partnering financially with your husband in running your home”, said Ikoh Patience Nyaba, the CEO of Pathen Berger. Pathen Berger is an energy drink produced from milk.

After undergoing training with the Project Irvingia, Mrs. Nyaba now produces and sells the energy drink locally called berger.  She makes 40% profit per period and is happy to provide refreshment to people.

“I get the containers from Douala and sometimes they are not available. This is a major limitation to large scale production. Otherwise, it is a very rewarding venture,” she explicated.

According to her husband, Mr. Nyaba Henry, it is a dream come true and he could not be more proud of her. “I hope that it will grow into an enterprise that employs thousands of Cameroonians youths. Positive impact on the long run is inevitable,”he noted.

Albert and his merchandise

In the last quarter of 2019 and first quarter of 2020, we organized a series of trainings on the transformation of non-timber forest and agricultural products to semi-finished and finished goods. The trainings were for unemployed youths and women respectively in Buea, SW Cameroon. The trainings featured the production, packaging and marketing of liquid soap. By April 2020, Albert Amana, one of the participants and emerged as an entrepreneur; producing, packaging and selling liquid soap. Today, he sells his Fidele Multipurpose Liquid Soap in Buea and Douala.

‘For my first production, I made over 50% profits and my dream is to get the brand on the shelves of all super markets in Cameroon’ he says. In response to the covid-19 pandemic, he donates his product to public hand washing stations.

Bulu forest at 1 with SUGi

Rewilding Bonduma water catchment

Bonduma forest at 2 documentary